COVID-19 Policy and Questionnaire

Please carefully read the following information regarding NMHA’s Covid-19 policies and procedures as well as the questionnaire that must be answered before each match. Downloadable versions are available on the right of this page.

Covid-19 Policy for NMHA 2020

  1. All teams to either designate a Covid-19 Officer or their Captain will perform the duties for each game played. This individual will be expected to fill in the questionnaire checklist on the fixture card for each player and will be the point of contact for the club should ‘Track and Trace’ contact the league. No game will commence without all questionnaires being fully completed and handed to the umpires for checking.
  2. League to provide a Covid-19 pack to each team, to contain all the necessary PPE to fulfil the requirements of this policy. Each team is responsible for maintaining the pack and ensuring that it is kept stocked and is always available at their fixtures.
  3. All current government social distancing rules must be adhered to by all players, supporters and officials at all times unless on the field of play during the game. At time of writing this policy is 1m+ rule. During the game please refrain from close goal celebrations and shaking hands after the match.
  4. Teams must not enter the pitch area until any previous games are complete and those players have left. Dugouts are not to be used at pitch side and until further notice spectators will be limited to team officials, parents or guardians of U18’s and young children of players.
  5. Before each game all players and officials must complete the Covid-19 questionnaire on the fixture card. Any positive (yes) responses to any of the questions or refusal to answer any questions will result in the player being excluded from the game.
  6. If a player is injured during the game the first aider must wear a face mask before treatment commences, unless the injury is severe and requires immediate attention in which case a mask should be worn as soon as is practicable. Anyone aiding the injured player after the initial first aider should wear a mask. Before the game restarts all people involved in the treatment of the player must sanitise their hands.
  7. Prior to starting each half the ball and goal posts should be sanitised. Each short corner face mask should be allocated to one player or sanitised between uses. The ball or goalposts should not be handled by outfield players during the game, if they are, they should be sanitised.

NMHA Pre-Match Covid-19 Questionnaire

Within the last 14 days, have you…

  1. Or a household member been isolating?
  2. Been contacted by a track & trace system and been told to isolate?
  3. Experienced a new cough that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
  4. Experienced new shortness of breath that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
  5. Experienced a new sore throat, loss of taste or smell that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
  6. Had a temperature at or above 37.8 degrees C or the sense of having a fever?
  7. Had prolonged close contact with someone who is or was sick with suspected or confirmed Covid-19?

If you cannot answer NO to all these questions prior to a hockey match, please to not attend.